Rob Wareing Portrait & Figure         Painting Workshops

 We will be announcing dates for our live Summer & Autumn workshops 2021 once further restrictions have been lifted. We anticipate starting towards end of June with a couple of pop-up mini workshops then our main 2-day & 5-day workshops in the village hall near Newark will re-commence at end of July. If you would like to receive emails about dates for our furture planned events please subscribe below. Our online course is still available (see details below) :-

     Part One  Video presentation of initial drawing stages before applying colour. 1 hour and 20 minutes  (free access on registration for either part Two & Part Three of the course)

     Part Two  You will be completing small oil (or acrylics) gesture paintings emphasising the importance of tonal relationships and colour. We will cover the importance of working with a limited palette and useful colour combinations to accurately depict what you see. I will complete a comprehensive demonstration and you will then be required to complete your paintings in your own time. Each participant's work will then be critiqued individually via email and an individual video conference call will be scheduled where any problems can be discussed.  Fee: £45

     Part Three  will involve a larger painting with the model set up in an ideal lighting situation. I will do a step- by- step demonstration covering all the aspects of the previous two stages and selected detail. You will then complete a painting and the same critique as before will be given via email and another personalized video conference. In addition you will also receive instruction on using Zorn’s palette and be given a project to do using only his limited range of colours. Fee £45

          A generous amount of time is given to complete each project but obviously there must be a completion date and it will be apparent that I will only be able to deal with a limited amount of people at any one time.

Fees: Part Two & Part Three will be £45 for each part including unlimited email/text feedback and a live one-on-one video conferencing session of  30 to 40 minutes at a pre-booked time. (a choice of times and dates will be given for these individual live sessions and we will email a link for you to join us live at your pre-booked time from your computer, laptop, iPad, tablet or mobile phone. My wife Elaine will be on hand to talk you through any technical issues or queries). 



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